Kinds of Roof Vents

Ventilation plays a vital role in our everyday lives. Proper ventilated homes are healthy and comfortable homes. Roof of the house and its ventilation should be considered very seriously so as to save money, and live healthier. Vents allow hot attic air to vent out properly to save the roof from premature failure of asphalt roof shingles. Heat accumulated promoters moisture builds up and the growth of mold and mildew. Roof should be well ventilated to prevent and prolong roof life and lower energy cost. Fresh air should be crossed in homes to save everyone in the home from suffocation. There are many types of roof vents available these days and are widely used according to the different needs of the homes.

Roof Ridge Vents

Roof ridge vents as the name make it simpler to understand are the vents which are installed at the peak points of the roofs. These do help and allow the hot cumulative air to rise and escape out through the top of the roof. These roof ridge vents can be installed on the new roof or can be added to the present roof of the home. Thus it allows the sheathing cool and increases life for asphalt shingles.

Turbine Vents

Turbine vents are the one which are dome shaped and are so designed to catch the wind and spin the vent to pull hot air out of the attic. In this case wind provides free power to turn the turbine and vent the roof, but without wind these provide very little ventilation and are not allowed in few areas, especially those areas which are hurricane poor. In turbine vents one has to be very careful as to cover the turbine vents in the winter months and they may allow rain to enter the attic.

Pot Vents

The pot vents are vents mount over a hole in the roof and resemble an up side down pot. These types of vents do not actually need any energy to operate them. These kinds are useful on roofs which have a very little roof ridge for a roof ridge vent.

Solar Powered Vents

Solar power vents as the name tells run through a solar powered motor. They also resemble pot vents. Solar operated motor turns the fan and vents hot air from the attic. They actually help air flow to vent heat on calm days when air flow through the attic is negligible.

Soffit Vents

Soffit vents are one among the best vents ever made for roof ventilation; they are fitted on the soffit of the roof and acts as inlets and outlets of air making them one of the best choices for room ventilation. They can be installed as small vents spaced the length of the soffit or as one continuous vent. They should be used with a baffle to thwart them from directing air into the insulation and demeaning it effectiveness.

Power Ventilators

Power ventilators are mounted in the gable vents and are used as electric fans to pull air from the attic. Although they are quite common in older homes, they do cause more problems than they are worth of. Power ventilators produce a negative pressure inside the attic, after cause heat or air from inside the house to escape through ceiling leaks. They can also pull mold and mildew spores, radon gas and even manure gases in to the house.

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