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Learn How to Install Metal Roofing

Learning how to install metal roofing may be your first step toward safeguarding your home from the elements in the most efficient and economical way. Although the initial monetary outlay may seem high, if you remain in the home for a period of years, the cost justifies itself. Experts agree that a home with a metal roofing system withstands greater wear and tear than other types of roofing.

Several metal shingle suppliers online offer advice and instructions on how to install metal roofing. One of these, Permanent Roofing Systems ( offers a downloadable PDF file to those interesting in learning how to install metal roofing purchased from their company.

The patent-pending, do-it-yourself metal roofing offered by Permanent Roofing features a four-way interlocking system of aluminum shingles. The user-friendly design of the Permanent Roofing system gives people who are trying to learn how to install metal roofing a leg up with its innovative system.

Because so many types of metal roofing exist, before you decide on learning how to install metal roofing, you might want to check some of these out. Some of the most popular metal roofing systems being used today include Gerard, Decrabond, Met-Tile, Prestige, and Zappone. Prices for metal roofing with these systems vary anywhere from $1.25 to $4.50 per square foot in material ranging from aluminum to copper.

If you feel better about learning how to install metal roofing from reading a book, check out Roofing the Right Way by Steven Bolt. You can find Bolt’s book, which includes a fairly comprehensive section on metal roofing, at for around $20, not including shipping.

Learning how to install metal roofing doesn’t have to be a daunting task when done methodically. Reading Permanent Roofing Systems’ instructions, educating yourself on the various types of metal roofing systems, and acquiring Steven Bolt’s book should all propel you forward in your quest of how to install metal roofing.

So don’t put off your quest on how to install metal roofing any longer! There’s no time like the present to get started on the roof you’ve dreamed about forever. And learning how to install metal roofing may lead to learning something else. Who knows? You could start a habit you’ll never want to break!

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