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Metal Roof Prices – How Spending More Now Saves You More La…

Metal roofing prices are often a deterrent to homeowners, an it's easy to see why. they cost more than traditional roofing materials to purchase, and usually the cost of installation is higher as well. But did you know that in the long run, a metal roof will actually save you money? Here's how.

1. Cheaper Home Insurance

A metal roof is the most resilient type of roof you can have. Metal roofs will stand up to rain, hail, snow and other sections of inclement weather far longer and better than traditional style roofs. They also are better at withstanding natural disasters, such as tornado's and hurricanes.

Metal roofs offer a level of protection and safety that you just do not get with regular shingles. They will not leak, they will not collapse after a heavy snow, and they will not catch fire.

In most cases, your home insurance company will offer you lower premiums when you install a metal roof. You are, in effect, fire-proofing and damage-proofing your home, and they will reward you for this. Make sure you ask about what discounts or benefits you are entitled to … there should be some and if not, change providers.

2. Higher Property Value

Most people plan to sell their home one day, and metal roofing can help you do just that. Typically, a metal roof is warrantied for half a century (sometimes more). They do not need much in the way of maintenance, and do not depreciate in value. In fact, you can reasonably expect to get back between 75-95% of your initial costs! Metal roofing prices may seem high now, but for resale they net you more money for your house.

3. Reduced Utility Bills

Traditional roofs, like asphalt, suck up sunlight, and store heat / That translates into more energy needed to cool your home … and a higher electric bill. A metal roof actually reflects sunlight and does not store any heat, so your hoe stays cooler naturally. Not only does this reduce your energy bill (by up to 40% in the summer months), it's also a more environmentally friendly alternative.

You can enhance this cooling effect with the type of finish you choose for your roof. There are finishes that act to send heat back into the air, which further cuts down on the amount of heat coming in to your home.

4. Reduced Life-Cycle Costs

Metal has been used for centuries as a roofing material … if you've ever seen an old church or other old buildings, chances are the roof is metal. Why? Because it does not need much in the way of maintenance or upkeep, and rarely needs to be replaced. There are metal roofs that have been around for over a hundred years!

This means that you will save a ton of money in the long run. No patching, re-shingling or replacing … you install it, and you're set.

Metal roof prices may seem intimidating at first, but when you factor in all of the cost savings you'll reap over the long run, metal roofing prices are actually cheaper than traditional roofs!