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Metal Roofing – Getting The Best Deal

If you think your roof looks rusty with damaged dents or shingles from hail, then its time to have a new one. You call some of the popular roofing companies, access some yellow pages, but few questions linger in your mind. How much does metal roofing costs? What is a fair bid? And more importantly, as the homeowner, what can you do to at least lower the price bid.

First, it is very important to learn the factors on how a popular roofing company does bid for the job.

The metal roofing contractor will inspect your roof first. They will be checking things such as:

  1. The layers of dents or shingles that were already removed.

  2. If the deck at the benefit is already damaged.

  3. If there are damages around the turbines, skylights, chimneys and other structures

  4. The size of the roof to be replaced.

    After checking all those things, then the contractor can barely estimate the total cost for the metal roofing job. In addition, those above will also help in determining the cost and types of materials to be used. Some of the necessary materials to be used are, the roofing felt, nails and the tarpaper.

    The contractor also adds to the total expenses the labor cost for the job. Metal roofing job usually entails tearing off the roof as well as replacing it with the new one. In case the decking needs to be replaced, then it will be an added cost to the materials plus the labor needed. Other masonry works and structural repair will also have an additional cost.

    Roofing felt usually costs from $ 6 to $ 8 per roll (depends on the thickness). Metal roofing trim normally measures 10ft in length that cost about $ 30.

    Furthermore, the shingles can cost about $ 20 per bundle. Composite shingles, which are heavier, cost about $ 30 per bundle. Keep in mind that the price of the shingles depends on its durability. If you think it's practical to get the most expensive one, then better because for sure it will last longer.

    It is essential to know the over all cost of the metal roofing materials, because this will help you in bidding with the contractors.

    The company will normally charge a little amount on the materials to compensate for its overhead. However, canvassing and comparing the cost of materials can help you choose if the mark-up is practical or not.

    There are things you can do to less the cost of the metal roofing job. One is ask the contractor if you can have the metal edging and felt free in your bid. You can also ask them to bargain the other cheaper materials. Moreover, you can ask them if they are willing to deduct the insurance bid.

If the company is more than willing to take your offer, then you can make your final decision.

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