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Metal Roofing – True Or False

The current produced versions have gotten a bad rap from their predecessors. No longer are they ugly, inferior roofing alternative to shingle. They have come a long way in regards to their durability, performance, and appearance. Here are a couple of true and false questions to go over before disregarding a metal roof as an option.

Metal roofing will always rust out … False. The steel metal roof panels are made with a protection layer consisting of zinc or aluminum. Then they are painted with a high quality, baked on enamel for even more protection from the elements. Most of these are now guaranteed for up to 50 years, which when compared with traditional asphalt shinglees is about 20 years longer on average.

Metal roofs will be very noisy and loud in the rain … False. This statement was definitely true in years past, but no longer today. The old barn style metal roofs would absolutely drive you crazy in rain storm. Today's roofs are either installed over new sheathing, or they can be retrofitted over top of your existing roofing material. No matter which type of installation process is used, your metal roof will be as quiet or maybe even queterer then your asphalt shingled roof.

They are prone to lightning strikes … False. This is one of the most common questions because after all, metal is a conductor. Your metal roof will actually help to dissipate the lighting's energy better then a traditional shingled roof. In addition, being completely fire resistant, you do not have to worry about the lightning strike causing a fire.

Metal roofing will cost me more money … True. A metal or steel roof will cost you more to purchase originally, but because their life span can be as much as twice that of an asphalt shingled roof, a metal roof will actually end up costing you less money in repair and maintenance over its lifetime

If you've been debating about what type of roofing materials and products to use, then have a closer look into the metal, steel and aluminum varieties. The have been redesigned to give you a very pleasant appearance, available in a wide range of colors, styles and you can even find them to look just like the more expensive cedar shakes, tile and slate.

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