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Metal Seam Roofing for All Roof Construction Applications

Metal Seam Roofing is recognized worldwide as a viable system of roofing technology for all types of roof construction applications. These metal roof products are available in hot dipped galvanized steel, galvalume, aluminum, copper, zinc, stainless steel and zincalume materials. They come in various mix of panel sizes, rib heights, seam profiles and designs to provide many versatile and flexible uses. If you are looking for durability, functionality, longevity, beauty and reasonable prices for your roofing requirements, metal seam roofing should be in your top priority list.

You can select a metal seam roofing material which can be a look-alike of tiles, shingles or other roofing style to demonstrate its versatility. When it comes to weight, this system is lighter in weight than the rest. Installation cost can go down because the technology can be used on top of an existing roof structure. Another characteristic of the metal seam roofing is its acoustical value. Blanket insulation is necessary between the panel and the underlay to prevent thermal vibration noises. It also reflects more heat from the sun’s ultra-violet rays than the other roofing systems. In effect, it is weather-tight, soundproof, energy efficient and its resistance rating against fire, moisture and mildew is very high.

With regards to the metal panels, you can go through the product catalogues to see different kinds. You have single skin metal panels and insulated metal panels. Others are the curved roof panels, exposed fastener and concealed fastener metal roof. There are also different types depending on the roof slopes. You can opt for a trapezoidal structural or vertical leg structural metal seam roofing. The trapezoidal is a concealed fastener system and designed for open framing. There are variations available for any complex roof shape and slope.

The metal seam roofing can perfectly blend into any kind of architectural design whether for a mansard, retrofit, low or steep slope roof shape. The system can meet the needs and requirements of any project.

The products include flashing, fasteners, clips, panels which can be customized to suit your requirements. These roofing materials are available in different gauges ranging from 22″ up to 26″ gauge. You can opt for a special polyvinylidene fluoride coating which enhances its visual appeal.

Metal seam roofs are notably more beautiful and appealing than the other systems. You can select premium color choice which can really create a favorable impression in terms of visual impact. Manufacturers termed them as environmentally smart colors which are an appropriate coinage. Energy efficient designed colors with warranties are available in solar white, terra cota, slate blue, dark bronze, burgundy, evergreen, regal white, mansard brown, aged copper, hemlock green, regal blue and a long list of metallic colors. Other choices are pre-weathered galvalume and acrylic coated finish. The products are green and eco-friendly for being fully recyclable. This is one reason why this system is quite popular with owners, architects, property developers and contractors.

May it be for an architectural residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural or institutional application, it is hard to go wrong with any decision to incorporate the metal seam roofing technology system to your projects. These materials go through different types of standard and performance tests to meet the government code requirements and international standards in terms of strength, durability and weatherability. The metal seam roofing is one of the most ideal types of roofing systems available in the industry.

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