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My Flat Roof Sprung a Leak – Oh No!

Flat roofs can certainly prove to be troublesome when the weather turns extreme. Snow and ice and build up quickly in the winter months and provide undue stress and pressure upon your flat roof. Your roof can easily spring a leak under all this pressure, so you need to stay on top of the extra weight and pressure on your roof to make sure it can handle it. It sounds like common sense, but a time honored way to take care of your flat roof is to periodically inspect it so that problems are located before they become a disaster.

Plan on inspecting your roof at least 3 times a year even though it can seem like the most mundane of tasks (which it is), but remember this is important. Flat roofs have asphalt building paper on them which is then criss-crossed and 'hot mopped' with a hot asphalt liquid that most people call roofing tar. Gravel or crushed stones are embedded into this liquid to form a finished surface. Re-doing one of these kinds of roofs requires a professional because of the cost of the equipment involved. However, you can still make repairs to your roof on your own.

You should look around carefully for where the problem area might be. It could be around a vent or joke in the roof, at a valley where water can collect, around drains, or around exposed nail heads. It can also come from damage to the roof, so it's important to also look for discolored spots on the stones or gravel. This is usually caused by water collecting in that area, and that can cause a leak over time. Another thing to look for is a blister. This is an area where the roofing materials have dropped away from the deck that makes up the solid surface of the roof.

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