Not Just For Industry – Corrugated Metal Roofing

Corrugated metal roofing has been used for hundreds of years to cover barns, outsidehouses and industrial factories and is generally perceived as a functional eyesore. However, if you take a look at some of the earliest barns with corrugated metal roofing then you will see just how beautiful it can look. As a result, it is making a major comeback and is more in demand than ever.

Of course, corrugated metal roofing is not what it used to be. It has been updated so it is in keeping with the modern housing styles of today. Technological advances have allowed it to be covered and treated so that it is not rusted and worn after just a few years of withstanding the elements. New materials have made it available for residential roofing and ensure that it has a longevity that few other materials do.

Corrugated metal roofing is often found to have a rippling effect. Every metal sheet has a wave like pattern that resembles that of corrugated cardboard and serves the same purpose because corrugated metal roofing is extremely strong despite remaining quite lightweight. A double layer of metal roofing would cost double the price and would be double the weight, but corrugated metal roofing provides the same strength with none of the extra cost or expense.

Having a lightweight material on your roof is essential these days. A more heavyweight material can put undue strain on a structure, which may cause degradation and damage to the supports of your home in a relatively short space of time. The last thing you want to do is damage your home and so corrugated metal roofing is perfect for the function it performances without the extra weight. It is resistant to the elements, stronger and lighter than any other type of roofing.

Corrugated metal roofing will actively protect your home. Not only will it keep the elements out of your home, it will also keep heat in thus reducing the costs of your energy bill dramatically. The nature of the metal means that it reflects heat, but because it is so lightweight, it allows for more layer of insulation to be placed beneath it so that very little heat would actually need to be reflected by the metal in the first place. All at no extra strain on the structure of your home!

The installation techniques required to secure corrugated metal roofing means that it can actually withstand even the most hazardous weather conditions, including hurricanes and tornados. It will remain in place no matter what and rarely ever has faults or weaknesses so it can go on protecting your home for years to come. It will look just as it did the day it was installed ten years from now, so making it a wise and healthy investment.

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