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Patio Roof Construction – The ABCs

A patio without a patio roof cover leaves your house incomplete in many ways. To some it may look a stalled construction. To others it may look like inadequate utilization of what could be made part of the overall living space.

A patio, no matter how simple or complicated the design, can add to the livability of your house. It can increase not only the beauty of the house but also its property value. One of the main purpose of the patio roof is to provide protection from the elements. With the patio roof above your head you can enjoy outdoor space even in bad weather.

One the most popular roof structures are the simple patio roof. To learn how to install a patio roof can be easy. Whether the roof is attached to the house or is freestanding you will need the same basic framework. That is, posts set in concrete to provide extra stability, supporting beam and rafters. The kind of patio roof you select will determine how strong the framework would be and how far apart will the rafters be spaced.

There are many patio roof designs to select from. You can choose from a wide variety of patio roof designs such as plastic, aluminum, wood, fiberglass canvas or vinyl. If you want a roof that allows a little sunlight then go for the lightweight and easy to install plastic shades over widely spaced rafters. The roof should slope a bit to drain away the water or for snow to slip down

Wood is popular material because of its appearance and relatively low costs. However it is not resistant to erosion by the elements. It can warp or crack under too much stress. Wood is a good choice if you your patio to have a natural look. With wooden patios you can also have flowers and vines on the top or up the sides.

One of the most popular roof covers is aluminum, because it comes in a variety of designs. Aluminum comes in a variety of colors so that you can match the roof color to your house. It is affordable and longer lasting. Unlike wood, aluminum does not warp or break when exposed to the elements. The most attractive feature of aluminum is its high strength to weight ratio that will stand up to the force of the wind and weight of the snow. By following a few simple instructions you will be able to install an aluminum roof.

Fiberglass and plastic are the other preferred materials for patio roofing. Fiberglass is a translucent material that allows light and heat but keeps away rain. In fact they trap heat to create a greenhouse effect. That is why fiberglass may not be a very good choice for a west or a hot south facing patio

For stylish entertaining looks, go for a pergola. A pergola is a structure comprising only columns and an open roofed structure. The open roof is partly covered up by beams and rafters. Such a roof therefore will not protect you from rains but will provide some shade. To make your pergola still more attractive you could have growing vines or climbing flowers on the sides.

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