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Patio Roofing – Decisions, Decisions

While there are plenty of solid patio roofing materials available, your final decision on a patio roof will depend on a number of factors. If, for instance, your patio is simply a home addition, you will almost certainly want some patio roofing which mirrors the style of your house's roof. But if you plan to build your patio on an existing deck, you can consider using patio roofing constructed of aluminum struts and sheeting. It will weigh much less and be much simpler to install than building a wooden roof structure covered with plywood, 30-pound felt, and shingles. It will, in all likelihood, cost less too.

Steel, stainless steel, copper, and copper alloys are other choices for metal patio roofing, but all of them are both more expensive and heavier than aluminum sheeting. Regardless of the kind of patio roofing you choose, you must have certain that your roof structure and patio walls can support its weight. So it's essential that you choose your patio roofing before you build your patio's walls.

You should also look at the different fiberglass panels now available for patio roofing. Available in translucent sheets, fiberglass patio roofing will let light natural filter into your patio while still maintaining your privacy. Because they let in some light, these panels can reduce the electrical costs of using your patio.

Another option for patio roofing are translucent fiberglass panels. They are installed similar to metal roofing panels, but allow light to filter during during the day. They can not be seen through, but allows additional lighting. This can help reduce electric costs by using natural light during the daytime hours.

You can cut the cost of electricity for your patio, and possibly that of using your home home, by installing patio roofing with solar panels. If your patio roof has the right exposure and gets sunlight for a good part of the day, the solar panels can store solar energy to be used to power your patio and / or home. One solar panel, on the average, will store enough energy each day to power a light bulb for twenty-four hours, and the more solar panels your patio roofing contains, the more solar energy it will store.

You should contact a solar energy expert in your area to determine if you can save enough power with your patio Roofing to offset the initial cost of the solar panels.

Your patio roofing, regardless of whether you choose metal or a wood roof covered with shingles, needs roof vents. This holds true when or not your patio has an open ceiling, because roof vents do a great job of boosting air circulation all year long. You'll benefit from minimal moisture accumulation at the crown of your roof during hot weather, and more warm air circulation in the winter.