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Photovoltaic Solar Shingles

Looking for a way to reduce your energy consumption in your home or business? Consider solar (photovoltaic) shingles. A relatively new green product, photovoltaic shingles are electricity-generating solar shingles that can be an excellent option for both new construction and homes in need of a roof replacement or upgrade. They give a home or business the ability to independently generate electricity directly from the sun when needed, reducing your energy bill in the process.

Solar photovoltaic shinglees are solar cells designed to look like conventional asphalt shingle. There are several varieties of solar shingle currently available on the market. There are shingle-sized solid panels that replace current shingles in a row. In this sense, they will look similar to the current shingles on your roof. There are also photovoltaic shingles that are more solid design characteristics. These tend to contain a number of silicon solar cells and look more like traditional shingles. Finally, there are newer systems of solar shingle. They use thin film solar cell technologies and are similar to regular shingles in terms of both size and flexibility.

How Photovoltaic Shingles Work

Adding photovoltaic shingles to your roof can be completed in a similar process as getting a new roof. Both solar panels and a roof can be installed at the same time when photovoltaic cells are integrated into the roofs construction, which saves time and installation costs.

Photovoltaic cells convert energy from light into electricity. Therefore, these cells create electricity by absorbing photons and releasing electrons. The more solar shingle that are linked together in the system, the greater capacity they have to produce more energy.

On average, each shingle can produce up to 50 watts of electricity. This adds up to a reasonable amount of energy generation if your whole roof was covered with these shingles.

Once in place, the sun's rays act as a bonding agent between the shingles and help to form a weather resistant seal on the roof that can withstand poor weather and high winds.

Benefits of Photovoltaic Shingles

Home-owners may be drawn to solar shingles because of the many benefits this roofing system can provide:

• They are aesthetically pleasing: Solar shingled roofs have a dark purplish-blue color, and just as good as a normal roof.

• A Fully integrated shingle roof: These systems are architecturally great and exceptionally durable. They are wind and water proof with no support structures or systems needed.

• A lower electric bill: Why pay for the electricity when you can generate it yourself.

• Protects the environment: Solar shingle provide pollution-free power

• A Great investment: Since solar shingles will save you so much on your electricity bill, the return on the investment is great. They will also help increase the current value of your home.

• Potential Tax rebates: Installing solar shingle is not only a great choice for the environment; you may be eligible for a tax rebate.

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