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Picking the Right Type of Roof Shingles

If you want to build yourself that dream house that you planned for so long, one of the factors that need to be taken into consideration is the roof. If the roof is leaky, it can lead to big problems for your house, so picking the right type of roof shingles is very important.

This decision will actually make the difference between persistent problems with a leaky roof and a roof that gives you no heads, even many years after it was first installed. The right type of roof shingles should also be low maintenance.

This decision should be taken after a number of factors are taken into consideration. You should consider, among other things, the climate in the area where you live, what materials are currently used for your roof if you already have one and the conditions and norms of the building. Along these factors, you will also need to decide on a style you want to use for your roof shingles.

In the beginning, the number of choices when it came to roof materials was quite limited. These days, as technology advanced, there are thousands of choices at your disposal, allowing you to pick based on colors, finish, looks, shape, quality and durability, so you can get the best possible roof shingles for your needs.

When it comes to roof shingle materials, these days the popular choice seems to be composition roof shingles, which have a length between two and three feet. The substances used are crushed rock, thick felt, tar and a few other materials, which are combined into one section.

One of the best advantages when it comes to this type of roof shingles is that they are friendly to your budget. Beside this, you can also find them in a large number of different colors and styles, so there is a good chance you will be able to complete your design plans well. You can use them both on roofs where the old shingles have been taken out and on new roofs. You also have the choice of placing them over existing roof shingles. Thanks to their properties of fire resistance which are quite good, they are popular and recommended by many buildingorms.

One other option which seems to be trendy is using tile shingles, which should be used especially for stucco homes or houses which are built in areas with a hot climate.

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