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Popular British Gazebos

When one thinks of Britain it is not always because of the good weather or the outdoor lifestyle that is supported by a gazebo. But the truth of the situation is that we Brits love a good outdoor get-together and nothing makes it more sociable that when it is held in or around a British Gazebo.

British Gazebo Types:

There are a number of very popular gazebo styles in Britain that vary is look and price. The list below includes only the most popular gazebo styles, each with a short description and a rough price guide that is accurate as of September 2012.

The Classic African Thatched Gazebo

The classic thatch gazebo includes a wooden decking floor as well as a set of five benches. This type of gazebo comes with a hand crafted African thatch roof that is made from imported South African Cape Thatch Reed. The design is based on the traditional African rondaval hut design.

The British retail price for this type of gazebo is around £3499 per individual unit.

The Royal Thatched Gazebo

This type of gazebo is very similar to the African gazebo in look and style except that it uses local thatching instead of imported African thatching. The woodwork is made from local wood sourced from the British countryside and is pressure treated to ensure an extra long wood lifespan.

The current British retail price for the Royal Thatched Gazebo is roughly £3999 per individual unit.

The Imperial Thatched Gazebo

One of the largest and also the most popular gazebo styles in rural England, the Imperial Thatched Gazebo is made from wood sourced in and around Worcestershire and the thatch roofing is made from imported South African Cape Reed from the beautiful areas surrounding Cape Town. It includes 5 benches, a wooden deck and is also pressure treated to ensure that this top quality wood product has the longest possible outdoor lifespan.

The Imperial Thatched Gazebo currently retails at around £5999 in Great Britain.

Outdoor Bar Gazebos

Although these style of gazebos are more popular with pubs and restaurants there are still a fair amount of people who like to have their own outdoor bar area at home. This type of gazebo is available in 3 different styles that determine its size and price. These styles are:

The Sundowners Bar Gazebo priced at £4100

The Nightlife Bar Gazebo priced at £4900

The All-nighter Bar Gazebo priced at £6300

All three gazebo styles have thatched roofs of African Cape Reed and bar stools come as an extra at about £76 each.

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