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Preparing Commercial Roofs for Winter

If you own a business in an area that experiences harsh winters you will need to protect your building by providing a superior coating system for the roof. From small single unit buildings to large industrial warehouses the roof is probably the single most important part of the structure and if it gets damaged due to heavy rain or accumulated snowfall your business could suffer a temporary shutdown. Business interruption insurance is not cheap and you can not replace the damage to a reputation. Provide commercial grade waterproofing for your business by using a liquid rubber roof coating.

Protecting your commercial roof from all foul weather elements is essential to staying in business. Whether you work in an office, garage or warehouse the roof must be in top condition to prevent water damage that can cause work stoppage. Winters can be extremely dangerous when snow accumulates and then starts to melt, causing water to see in. If you do not have a solid coating system on your roof you may be looking at costly damages that can hamper the profit margin of your company.

With high quality liquid rubber roof coating you can easily protect your commercial roof. It's easy to apply and does not require any professional roofers with special skills to administrator. Available in standard and acrylic versions, a high quality liquid rubber coating is like adding a new layer of protection to your roof. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best take the precautionary step of solidifying your roof with a waterproofing sealant that will keep heavy rain and melting snow from penetrating your building.

There are a number of options for commercial roofing materials including sheet metal (steel, aluminum and copper), asphalt shingles, tile and slate shingles, all of which can be covered with a liquid rubber system. When left on its own these materials will tend to wear down and if a particularly strong storm should arise it will not take much for the weight of heavy snowfalls to cause leaks and tears. Once a leak is sprung there is not much you can do to stop it. Tarps and sheeting will only provide a temporary solution and in the worst case scenario you may be looking at the expensive solution of a new roof.

Keep your business running even during the harshest of winters by effectively sealing your roof with a high quality liquid rubber coating . Safe, effective and easy to use this type of commercial roofing system will give your building an added layer of protection that can help reduce the damage from heavy snow and rain.

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