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Preparing Your Commercial Roof for Winter

The winter season often brings harsh weather that can be especially destructive for residential and commercial roofs alike. Wind, rain, snow, and other forms of winter weather can damage roof structures leading to leaks and other problems. Ultimately, preparing your commercial roof for winter helps to ensure the durability of your roof and its ability to effectively serve its function: protecting the building and the things inside. Indeed, whether you are operating a small, family-run business or managing a large industrial complex, the roof is a crucial element of a building; damage due to heavy rain or accumulated snow may not only impact your maintenance budget, but you may also suffer a business shutdown.

So, what do you need to do to prepare your commercial roof for winter? First, you want to consider how to prevent water damage in your office, warehouse, shop, or other commercial property. Professional, commercial grade waterproofing helps to prevent melted snow or heavy rain from seeping into the building and causing water damage. A solid coating system helps to prevent costly damages that may also impact your ability to run your business.

One example of an excellent coating system is high quality liquid rubber roof coating. A professional roofer can easily apply this coating so that your building and business are protected. There are standard an acrylic types of rubber coating which acts as another layer of protection. Unfortunately, many business owners fail to understand the importance of prevention, and when they are passive about roof coatings the consequences can be costly. Proper protection ensures the quality of your roof and can also save you from needing expensive repairs or even replacement.

Another factor to consider with respect to preparing your commercial roof for inclement weather is maintenance. Regular inspections and maintenance are not just important for winter proofing, but also for extending the lifespan of your roof. Commercial roofing repairs and replacements are extremely expensive, but regular maintenance and inspections can address small problems before they get out of hand. Ultimately, you’ll want to work with a professional roofer who can inspect your roof on a yearly basis, at the very least. By identifying weak points in your roof before the winter season, your roofer will ensure that your commercial building is ready for winter. Whether this means reapplying a weatherproof coating or making repairs to other roofing structures, preparing for winter mostly involves preventative measures.

Your business is obviously important, so you need to take every possible step to prepare your commercial building for the winter. Ideally, you should start contacting roofing professionals in early spring so they can survey the roof, make repairs, and recommend the best course of action for preparing for the winter. And remember, roofing is a highly skilled trade so you should always work with a qualified professional.

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