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Protect and Make Your Home Stand Out – Architectural Roofs …

One of the biggest challenges when purchasing an older home or building a new one with design elements borrowed from the past, revolves around structure and material. For those that want to remain true to the original architecture, there is a special emphasis on the kind of materials that you purchase. A example that underscores this special attention can be seen in architectural roofs.

If you take a look at many of the newer housing tracts, you will often find that builders have borrowed bits and pieces from architectural styles of the past. In fact, this is often more the rule than the exception. But equally as often these imitations of older styles lack a few key elements of the original from which the ideas were taken. If you zero in your focus on many of the restored Cape Cod or Victorian homes, for example, it is evident that the roofing material and style is unique to that particular type of architecture.

Furthermore, the structure of the roof itself gives a good clue as to what category it belongs in. For all the different architectural roofs, a specific material or a class of materials may best help you achieve the appearance that suites a given construction style. As a perfect example of this material choice, slate was the material of choice for many Colonial home that copied architectural choices from mother England.

Obviously, many of the roof styles that were chosen and are still in use today, have much to do with the predominant weather features in which they are built. Some of the steeply pitched gabled roofs are in evidence far more in areas with harsher winter climbs than would be found in warmer regions. Flat roofs or gently sloping ones are often associated with the Southwestern US And along with this architectural feature, terracotta, clay or cement tiles are used as the material of choice and for adornment.

For more modern structures, metal roofs have become more and more commonplace. With the variety of styles that are available, this material can be successfully incorporated into a multitude of home designs. The impetus for installing roofs of this type can range from protection against snowfall, ease of installation, long lasting characteristics and more.

If you have a home that you are trying to restore, or one that is in need of a new roof, you certainly have a lot of options from which to choose. You should not need to feel that you can not stray from the material that was originally used. Perhaps because of environmental concerns you may need to adapt a bit. Owners of homes that were once roofed with asbestos shingle, for example, need to consider alternatives. And there are plenty of materials that can replicate originality quite effectively.

Thankfully, you can come across wonderful suggestions and tips for material on architectural roofs both online and at your local home improvement centers. Consider both original material and newer, greener solutions. So while you are restoring the old or building something new while incorporating the past, consider all the roof options that will make your home stand out like it should.

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