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Reasons to Switch From Power Grids to Homemade Solar Panels…

Homemade solar panels and wind power systems are becoming more popular these days, not only because it is financially viable, but also because of the following reasons:

Longevity. Current residential solar panels are known for its longer lifespan and durability. Older bedroom panels have a good 25 years of life and newer models are expected to last more than 30 years or longer if properly maintained. New power systems are also designed to generate more power compared to older ones, which means you can get your investment back earlier.

Environmentally friendly. Solar and wind are renewable energy sources and unlike coal, fossil, and other non-renewable energy, they can be harvested through the years without fear of depletion. There are no harmful gases and elements released in the environment, which is why renewable energy produce what is often called clean electricity.

Maintenance-free. Homemade solar panels, if installed properly, are almost maintenance free. Most manufactured solar panels suited for residential use are made from stronger, more durable materials able to stand severe weather conditions. Some advanced panels even have built-in cleaning systems that automatically rides of dust, dirt, and other debris.

Highly adaptable. Unlike wind power systems where a large area is needed to install the towers, solar panels can be installed in any kind of roof free from shadows and obstructions. Even high-rises can benefit from homemade panels. Solar cells and panels also come in various shapes and sizes, allowing easier installation.

More affordable. Technological breakthroughs give way to cheaper yet durable materials and less production cost. It is expected that panels will become more affordable as demand continues to increase.

You do not need to hire professional solar power installers and pay thousands of dollars on the system's installation. Do-it-yourself solar power systems are available on the Internet. Solar power system kits include printable and viewable instructions that guide you through the installation process.

Products that provide practical guides to panel assembly and installation are easy to come by these days. They help you in things like building a 120 watts panel for not more than $ 100, or even joining together multiple panels to produce 1kW of solar energy to power some parts of your home. Assembling and installing solar panels is not always a breeze, but if the instructions are clear and written in uncomplicated English, you will not need special skills to generate clean electricity from Homemade solar panels. You only need a practicality and an unwavering desire to free yourself from costly electricity bills every month.

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