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Repair Roof Tiles – How To Do It

Ten years have passed and your roof seems to be working just fine. Should you just sit back happy and relaxed? After all, the manufacturer did say that the life of your roof tiles would last for fifteen years or more. Wrong!

Roof tiles get damaged from the wind, water and snow. Roof tiles may get cracked or broken after a few years. This will cause leaking and damage that may cost thousands without you even knowing.

So, what do you need to do?

  1. Do make a habit of regularly checking the condition of your tiled roof? But how do you do it?

    From the roof space inside if the roof is unlined, check for cracks. Use a flashlight on the timbers and check for water staining. Tiles deteriorate through time so check for hairline cracks by looking for staining on tiles.

    From ground level. Inspect the whole roof at ground level. It is easy to spot a disjointed or slipped tile against the regular lines of tiles.

    At the roof level. Remember that you should only access the surface of the roof using a roof ladder.

  2. After doing the check up, and you found some problems in your roof tiles, decide if you can do it yourself or if you need to hire a roofing specialist.

    Before you decide on anything, we'll give you some tips on how to repair your roof tiles.

  3. Temporary repair of your roof tiles. If the weather condition is not good, you may need to have an emergency repair of your roof tiles until the weather improvements.

    Use a piece of flashing strip to coat the cracked area.
    Apply a clear roof sealant underneath the crack.

  4. Repairing roof tiles. Have your materials ready. You will need a flat pry bar, a tile clip and of course the replacement tiles.

    Here are the steps for a beautiful new roof:

    Slide your flat pry bar under the top tile above the damaged tile.

    Smash the damaged tile with a hammer. Collect the broken pieces making sure that you do not leave any debris behind.

    Attach a tile clip to the roof support on one end and to the underside of the replacement tile at the other end.

    Insert a new tile and pull out the pry bar so the top tile slides back into place above the new tile.

    Think you can do it?

If not, you can always hire a roofing specialist to help you out with your problem.

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