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Repairing a Leaking Roof Can Be a DIY Job

Repairing a leaking roof after days of persistent rain, is not only unpleasant but also extremely dangerous, most roof surfaces feature uneven feet and are slippery even when dry, in the wet they make for hazardous footing, even with the best footwear and safety equipment. So, when finding out how to repair a leaking roof the best advice is to start early and finish early, a little forethought and planning can make repairing a leaking roof if not enjoyable (after all you are out in the fresh air) at least not as disagreeable as doing it during a blizzard.

So you've found a few damp spots on the ceiling and seen some mold on the inside of a window frame and you suspect that a leaking roof might be to blame. The first step is to find out where the leak is located. Sometimes it's just not enough to stick your head into the roof space. In movies leaks in the roof are caused by gap head sized holes, in real life if you've got a hole like this in your roof you're probably the victim of a meteorite strike and a repair of this nature is beyond the average homeowner , it's time to call in a contractor. In reality most leaks are caused by small cracks in shingles, wear and tear or rust on a metal roof or small faults on flat roofs, most of these can be repaired by the homeowner with a bit of help from the local hardware store and the purchase of a 'how to' guide or DIY handbook. In fact this expense can typically be avoided by visiting the standard Internet search engine and entering a search for "repairing a leaking roof" and adding some search criteria to the search like "metal roof" or "shingles". you tips on what repair materials (including common and trusted brand names) and tools you will require to get the job done.

When the time comes to purchase the materials that you require to complete the roof repair job there are two pieces of advice that will save you money and prevent a trip to your local emergency room or worse. Firstly most hardware stores have a very accommodating policy to returns. Chat to your hardware supplier and rather take more roofing material than you think you're going to need and make arrangements to return unused items. Secondly make absolutely sure that you have the correct safety items that you require prior to getting up on the roof. A harness, good stepladder (firmly planted) and shoes with extremely good grip are absolute musts. Ideally no roof repairs should be undertaken alone, always make sure that a family member or friend is present while you're making the repairs in case of accident.

The dangers inherent in repairing a leaking roof can be illustrated by the challenges of repairs to a metal roof. Metal roofs have struts which support the roofing material and often these struts are not built to handle the additional weight of a human being. Combine this with the fact that the older metal roofs may have suffered metal fatigue and rust damage and the dangers are all too plain. The one overriding concern when under roof roof repairs must always be safety first.

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