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Roof Leaks – How to Detect Them on Time

One of the most common issues with bad roof construction, bad maintenance and old roofs is the problem of roof leaks. It is always suggested that you keep a watchful eye on your roof construction so as to ward off the problem before it gets out of hand.

To detect roof leaks, start with a visual inspection of the roof to detect anything that looks out of place and abnormal. For example you may notice shingles falling out of place or looking damaged and torn. Shingle inspection needs a very close scrutiny since nail holes, cracks, missing nails, missing pieces can easily slip out of the view. If an overall examination does not divulge anything check the quality of the shingles and see if they seem to be suffering from extreme erosion, wearing off etc. This could be your point of crisis too.

One useful tip is to concentrate your efforts especially on the more uneven areas of the roof and places with protrusions. For instance, roof areas around chimneys can easily cause trouble with the caulking going bad and breaking off. This can cause small holes allowing water seepage into the interiors. However, the good news is that such defects are usually very easy to handle, and the entire repair procedure is usually inexpensive too.

If you have had roof leak problems before it is recommended you take better notice of such points on the roof. Common sense says that places where your roof could damage once, could damage again. Regular inspection of such points is all the more important if such damage was initially corrected without any professional help.

While these were the preliminary stages of examination, it is important to understand that it can not go a long way in helping in timely detection of roof leakage issues. Also you can not count too much on your interior conditions to reveal much about roof leaks, since places such as attic and territory areas of the house can often remain forgotten for months by home owners.

Therefore, it is suggested that every time in a while you get a professional to check the roof for any probable leaks or vulnerable areas. Not only do they have the expertise, but they also have a knock to check just at the right places. Simple indications like a slight change in wall color citing to damping of the area during the rainy seasons can help them trace the cause to roof leaks, which an unskilled house owner might just read as a problem with the window design.

Roof leaks although especially troublesome during the monsoon seasons usually seem to begin forming the cracks and deficiencies immediately after the winter months, especially in the colder zones having more severe winters. This is mainly because of the temperature level changes that create issues with heat insulation and transmissions, causing the damage. While most of the latest roofing materials are specifically designed to prevent this problem, it is always wiser to keep the roof regularly regularly maintained and checked for hitches.

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