Roof Materials – Composite Roof Shingles

You need to take into consideration firstly your budget, then the climate, local codes & council guidelines, appearance & most importantly the cost.

You also want to explore the range of styles, shapes & the roof material. As your typical roof is designed to last for years you want to ensure you have completed the proper review of all options, thorough research & speak to your roofing professional before jumping in hastily.

Composite roofing shinglees are made from a combination of materials & combined together. The right composition of each material is added to the roofing shingle to be far more durable in comparison to your average roofing shingle made from wood or asphalt.

The source of the composite roof shingles strength comes from the fiberglass mat core which remains flexible while still providing a degree of fire resistance. The exterior of the shingle is then coated with a weather resistant coast made from asphalt with crushed rock embedded within it.

So what makes them so good?

Lets take a closer look into the growing popularity of the Composite Roof shingle. Here are some of the consumer benefits:

  • The costs are inexpensive in comparison to other materials available on the market
  • They are reliably cheap to replace, making maintenance inexpensive as well in comparison to other materials available on the market
  • They have a great life span lasting 15 – 20 years
  • They can be designed to look similar to other popular materials – for example you can have a composite roof shingles designed to look like slate shingles
  • They are extremely lightweight & being made from recycled material
  • The Roofing can potentially lead to increase your home value as the durability & quality of your roof can become an additional selling point of the house

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