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Roof Repair Contractors – Are They Qualified

"There are many ways to get a wrong thing, but only one way to get it right." This statement is very apt in the case of any home improvement or house repair project. The primary concern of any house owner when he or she goes in for roof repairs is whether the contractor to whom they have awarded the contract is capable. Is the contractor worthy of being given the responsibility for repairing the roof and other structures in the house? Does the claims which he makes as regards past repair and projects actually relate to his expertise in the field of repair. Can he be trusted? Is he qualified enough to suggest the replacement / repair of the roof? If you are plagued by these questions, then read on.

Whatever be your roofing repair or replacement needs, you need a qualified professional roofing contractor who you can trust. This translates to finding a roofing contractor who knows good roofing practices. He must be aware of roof flashing details, on how to handle problem spots on building roofs and alternative roof covering products like shingle types, grades, colors, low slope roofing, flat roofing materials, etc. A competent roofer will provide the client with sound advice on products, reasonable explanation of procedures, and, most importantly dependable results in the form of a strong and a durable roof.

It's difficult to determine the capabilities and reliability of a contractor just on face value or when he or she approaches you with a printed brochure. In order to select a qualified contractor there are few steps which are advised to be taken so that the client who is getting the repairs done gets a fair deal. These include doing a market survey of available contractors and their market credentials, meeting members of the local councils to get their suggestions and then homing on to a manageable list of contractors whom you think can do the job for you. Based on referrals and your meetings, you need to make a checklist of people who qualify for your job. Arrange an interview with them and ask the following questions and try and get a satisfactory answer for each of them.

· Business Credentials from the contractor or his representative.

· Experience in roofing and their portfolio of recent work.

· Licensing or contract agreement with local government bodies.

· Insurance coverage of the contractor and their workers while working onsite for you. Some contractors also extend the insurance cover to the jobs that they are completing.

· Professional references from others in the field.

· Bank references and other credit related references.

· Company philosophy and ethics culture of the contractor.

· History of time line for completion of past projects.

· Knowledge about the material used in constructing the roof.

· Knowledge of the budgetary estimate for the job.

· Contractual agreements and availability of the copies of such agreements from past contracts.

A little well-planned research up front will unduly save you a lot of time and trouble later on. Once you feel confident that you have the best contractor, the best products, the best value simply relax and let your contractor do his job. Do, however monitor the progress of your project to be certain your contractor lives up to his superior reputation. A project like a roofing replacement or a major repair is a project which contractor takes pride in. He will quote references from this project for future endeavors and it is in good taste to make him aware of the possibility of future prospects. It is best to take the most qualified contractor and one who fits your requirement rather than going in for cheaper one, who might not give you a good roof.

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