Roof Repair Cost – Get it in Writing!

If you are in the unfortunate situation of having sustained damage to your roof or of having discovered a leak, you will need to have repairs done in the very near future. In order to get the best value for your money, and receive the quality workmanship to protect your investment, get a roof repair cost estimate in writing.

There are many factors influencing the pricing of the project. You should be aware of what needs doing and what the itemized expenses are for each component of the process. The larger the damage, the larger the costs will be.

Most professional companies price their roof repair cost jobs by the square, which translates means a ten-by-ten feet section of the roof. This will include the labor required to prepare and repair the area along with the installation of new materials. It may not, however, include any damage discovered during the process.

These situations are often hidden and may include damage sustained at deeper levels in the roof structure. If you simply have some missing shingles you will likely get a more economic price with a local handyman. Often large companies will not offer the services for smaller jobs.

Other factors that may affect your roof repair cost are the different elements used to build a roof. The flashing, which is metal sheeting used to direct the runoff of water, could be damaged. This is a fairly extensive repair project when performed correctly. Flashing is found in various locations on the roof including around chimneys, skylights, vents, pipes, eaves, rakes and valleys.

It is a critical element for preventing leaks, and can be damaged when the other materials of the roof are compromised. This can add significant expense to the total cost of the repairs.

If you have sustained damage from leaks you have procrastinated fixing, this may greatly increase your roof repair cost. The fascia and soffit, for example, are pricey items to replace if you have allowed the eaves and / or rakes to leak over a period of time. These are the boards facing vertically and horizontally around the roof at the edges of the house.

They are not made to withstand water, and they will rot completely if left unattended by leaking flashing or clogged gutters. Therefore, one way to reduce the amount needed for repairs is to tend to them as they arise. Your house and your wallet will thank you.

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