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Roof Repair – How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Have you heard horror stories about how someone got ripped off by a roof repair person? You do not have to ask too many people around you before you do. Unfortunately, there are shysters in every line of service work. It's up to you to stay one step ahead of them by knowing exactly what you can expect them to do.

If you want to save time, money and being taken advantage of an unscrupulous roof repair person, there are at least five questions you must ask before they begin the work.

  1. Are they licensed, bonded and insured? Make sure they're licensed with your state's board for contractors. Many contractors do not obtain liability insurance since it's so expensive. But the best ones see its value.

  2. Just how long have they been repairing roofs? Look for one who has at least 5-10 years experience.

  3. Can they provide you with pictures of previous jobs and former client references? If not, walk away. And when you call those references, ask them about the quality of the work, if they were satisfied, how dependent he was and if there were any problems.

  4. Ask the contractor about his guarantee on services and products. You want your new roof to look great, but you should also want it to be made with the best products possible so it will end through many, many years of harsh treatment.

  5. Will he come out earlier to inspect the roof to make sure it's working properly and there are no flaws? The worst weather conditions and just plain settling of the roof can create small holes where leakage can see through. These all can take their toll on a new roof. By keeping a yearly check on it, problems can be nipped in the bud quickly and easily. This process will add a great amount of longevity to your roof.

    Here are a few tips for things you should not do when hiring a roof repair person:

  • Do not just hire someone because you saw their ad in the paper or on TV, and they are offering a special deal. Before hiring, ask all of the questions above.

  • Absolutely do not rely on the yellow pages alone.

  • Do NOT make any verbal contracts; only written ones signed by both you and the contractor.

  • Do not hire the first contractor you interview. You just might save some money if you do some comparison "shopping."

  • And please, do NOT make that last payment until all the work is completed to your satisfaction. If there is the least little bit of doubt the work was not done right or anything else is amiss, that last payment withheld will be leverage for the contractor to finish the job.

I can not stress enough to only hire an experienced roof repair person. You may save some money but in the long run it may cost you a bundle if the job is not done right.

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