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Roof Repair: Traits of Bad Roofing Contractors

Some roof repair companies are known for providing superior service, while others are known for engaging in underhanded business tactics that take advantage of the customer. How does one tell the difference between a good and a bad roofing company? In most cases, determining whether roofing contractors are reputable requires knowing the signs of disreputable contractors. If a provider of roofing maintenance is needed, do not hire a contractor who displays the signs below, because they signify a risky contractor.

No Licensing, Bonding, or Insurance

Licensing, bonding, and insurance protect homeowners against unprofessional workmanship, stolen property, and property damage. If a contractor lacks a contractor's license, bonding, or insurance, he or she should not be hired due to the potential of unrecoverable financial losses.

Door-To-Door Selling

Well-established companies never perform door-to-door searches for new customers. Instead, they acquire new clients by word of mouth and advertising. If a contractor stops by a home and offers to fix a roof, it means that the contractor has the time to drive around and look for new customers. Reputable contractors who have a well-established customer base seldom have sufficient time to do this.

Offering a Bid Without Performing an Inspection

It may seem as if a roof repair contractor could use his expertise to make a bid without performing an inspection, but that is not the case. This is unlawful because the cost of a roofing job depends on things that are only discoverable during inspection, and a reputable contractor would not risk undercharging for the job by bidding without performing an inspection. A disreputable contractor, on the other hand, may make an immediate bid because he or she needs immediate income.

Unwilling to Put Everything in Writing

Roofing projects involve several considerations that should be written into a signed service contract, particularly:

  • Planned materials for the job
  • How long the project will take to complete
  • A detailed description of the work order
  • The total cost for the project

If a provider of roof maintenance hesitates to include one of these elements in the contract, do not sign the contract. If the contractor stands firm in refusing to include any of the elements, hire a different contractor.

Asking for Payment Upfront

Some contractors ask for money to buy initial supplies, which is not considered suspicious, but contractors who ask for a large payment upfront (eg twenty percent or higher) should be avoided. In some cases, these contractors use the money to finish another project. Worse still, some roofers that ask for a large payment upfront take the money and run. A well-established roofing company has no reason to request a large payment upfront.


Roof repair companies range from upstanding contractors who perform excellent work to contractors who do not mind taking advantage of the customer. If a provider of roofing maintenance is needed, be sure to avoid contractors who display the signs above, because they are often indicative of disreputable contractors.

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