Roof Shingle Installation

If you are in the need to install roof shingles in the near future, the process is explained below to help you with your home improvement project.

Roof shingle installation is a pretty simple process that can be done in multiple ways depending on the type of shingles being installed. The most common method of roofing shingle installation is done with a nail gun or driving screws in a process that requires time-consuming overlapping followed by nailing or screwing the shingles in place. This method is most commonly used with asphalt, aluminum, and rubber types of shingles; however if you are installing ceramic roof ones, glue is the way to go.

Ceramic shingles are different from regular shingle installation in that they don’t respond well to screws and nails and will often break apart or shatter if a nail is attempted to be driven into one. This is where shingle glue comes into play, unlike other common glues, shingle glue is designed to withstand the forces of nature and erosion to help keep your shingles steady on your roof.

Whatever style of shingles that you decide to have installed on your roof, it is always beneficial to consult an expert at shingle installation to at least help you get the first ones put in place. Installing shingles is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, or in the DIY world, tiling. Once you have the first couple ones put down or the first row, the rest just fall into place overlapping the previous shingle by about an inch. If you are relatively adapt at using a nail gun or have experience in roofing installation it is possible, but not always recommended to begin the shingling yourself. The roof of the house is the outermost layer of protection from the elements, so it is more often than not recommended to have a professional do your installation for you.

An exception to shingling a roof without the need of an expert comes into play with backyard sheds, or other buildings that don’t require professional care. Roofing is a simple process on paper, but several things can go wrong, so whenever doing any shingling yourself, be sure to wear proper safety equipment of eyeglasses and gloves, and take any and every safety precaution.

Overall if you are looking into having a roof shingle installation, check out the above process for a conceptual understanding, and turn to the professionals to help get a quality installation accomplished.

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