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Roof Solar Shingles

Did you know that solar shingles looking like real asphalt shingleles are now available in the market? Yes, they look exactly like your asphalt shingles having the same size and the same matte finish! The only difference is that they are actually covered with very thin films of solar cells which collect sunlight and give you the renewable source of energy you need. Cool, right?

The think film technology of these solar shingle is a great innovation because since looking like your usual shingles, they will not require you to set up a huge structure on your roof just to support the solar panels. What a great way to amass the same amount of sun energy without having to be visibly intrusive! Why would you want a large array of panels on your roof telling everyone you are using solar energy when you can simply be discreet and content about it? Beside, having large panels are not the nicest sight in the neighborhood.

There are homeowners associations which prohibit building solar panel arrays on a back yard or a rooftop. If yours is one of them, solar shingle is absolutely perfect for you. Now, if they are open to negotiations, do not you think it would be easier to convince them that you are setting up these sunlight-collecting shingles instead of huge panels? And even if your homeowner association allows you to set up huge solar energy structures, do not you think solar shingles are way cooler? They look like your normal roof and will not have to eat up any space at the backyard.

Basically, these shingles work just like the large solar panel systems. They catch sunlight by photovoltaic cells and convert it into energy which you can then use at home. The only difference is that the materials used in creating these shingleles are smaller. The advances in solar technology have allowed size reduction of cells without having to affect the amount of energy that the solar panel system produces. The shingle-looking cells can make the same quantity of energy as their large counterparts. They can also be used off-grid or otherwise. If you want them to be self-contained, they can be utilized off-grid. If you want them to be tied to the grid, they can also work as such.

Aside from the utter visual appeal and compactness, another great thing about these solar shingles is they are replaceable just as easy as ordinary shingles. These devices are expected to last for more than two decades (depending on their makers) and are created to withstand the harshest of weather including hails. However, when they need some replacement, they can be replaced just like your conventional shingles.

Now, although solar shingles sounds all good and fascinating, you must do your own research about them too. You also should check on nearest suppliers as well as find a reliable installer who knows the product well. Finding manufacturers and suppliers for these sun shingles online would be a good place to start because they can give information about the available products and services in your area.

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