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Roofing As a Career – Know All About It

If you're thinking about roofing as a career, there are many things that you should consider. You'll probably need some type of schooling or training, temporary licensing and certification if you plan on making this a serious career, and of course you'll need work experience. Planning ahead when you decide on this career can help you to stay on the right path.

Is it for You?
Before you spend your money and time learning roofing as an occupation, you want to make absolutely sure that this is the kind of thing that you want to do. If you enjoy working outdoors, are not afraid of heights, and like getting your hands dirty and seeing your finished work, it may be for you. If you're only thinking about it because you heard that you can make a good living with it, give it some more consideration. Although changing careers after a while is perfectly fine, you still want to make sure that when you invest in one, you do so wisely, with the long term in mind.

Some people learn their roofing skills because it's a family business, or simply from working as a helper for a roofer. This is okay, but the fact is that in order to be taken seriously in the business, you need to be certified.

This can often mean going to a trade school, or getting some kind of certification training. When you're researching schools, be sure that you only consider ones that are accredited. Then look at such things as cost, benefits such as job placement at graduation, and of course, you want to make sure that they offer certification if you successfully complete their courses.

Moving up the Ranks
More than likely you'll start your career as an apprentice. You want to make the most of the beginning of your profession by choosing wisely when it comes to who you work for. Make it very clear that you want to learn, and that you're going to ask a lot of questions. If a potential employer just wants you to do what you¡¯re told and otherwise mostly keep quiet, keep looking. As an apprentice, you want to work for a company that is interested in your training, and is happy to answer all your questions.

Roofing can be a good career, one that can make you a comfortable living. As long as you take all the correct steps right from the beginning, and choose wisely when it comes to education and on-the-job training, you should do well.

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