Roofing Tools For Do-It-Yourselfers

Preparing For Your Roof Repair

If you’re a moderately experienced handyman in reasonably good shape, and are comfortable with the thought of scrambling around on your roof, you should simply he roofing tools you need and get started. The job of replacing a damaged shingle will require about five minutes with the proper roofing tools, because there simply is not much to it.

Even with the best roofing tools, however, you can’t correctly install new roofing shingles without knowing how to correctly align them. You’ll also have to be securely positioned on your roof, with your roofing tools within easy reach. The last thing you want to have happen is to have one of your roofing tools, or even worse, yourself, go sliding down the roof and over its edge.

The Roofing Tools For Your Job

Your roofing tools will include a flat pry bar with which to pry up the old shingles, along with a razor knife and hammer, roofing nails, and adhesive with which to cut and attach the new ones.

Once you are comfortably and securely positioned by your roofing repair site, with all your roofing tools within arm’s reach, you should proceed in the following manner:

Doing The Job

Begin by locating the shingle you want to replace, counting up two rows, and lifting the shingle tab of the shingle which is two rows above the damaged one. When you’re sure you’ve go the right shingle, use your hammer to remove the nails securing its shingle tab.

Using your flat pry bar, you can now lift that shingle and hold it up, making sure that it does not drop down. While the shingle is raised, take the hammer and pop out all of the roofing nails which surround the damaged shingle so that it lifts completely off without tearing. It should come off easily, and when it has been removed, you can simply replace it with one of your new shingles, nailing it into position.

Use your roofing adhesive to seal the replacement shingle, and you’re ready to move on to the next damaged shingle!

More advanced roofing jobs call for more advanced roofing tools, like pneumatic roofing nail guns and pneumatic lifts to hoist large numbers of shingle bundle to the roof. So if your roof has suffered significant damage, you’d be better off leaving the repairs to a professional roofing contractor with professional quality roofing tools!

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