Rotating Roof System – Good Heat Exhaust Systems

There are various rotating roof system but the one we are going to discuss is the rotating roof system for ventilation. The conservative rotating roof system used for ventilation work when there is wind and when there is no wind the roof ventilation is ineffective but with the launch of Skydome MotaVent which is a high performance motorized, rotating roof system of ventilation.

It comes fitted with a quite but powerful 70W motor and the rotating roof system, Skydome MotaVent has the power to expel 250L of hot air from the cavity of the roof per second. The need of this rotating roof system is to reduce cost of cooling or air conditioning and acting as a passage for exhaust of the heat during the summer months.

The main advantages of rotating roof systems is that they dispel the heat or hot air that builds up in the roof cavity during the summer months when temperatures soar, thereby minimizing the need of air conditioning. It also helps in faster cooling of the house or the building as the hot air increases the need to air conditioners to run longer to cool the area. With the hot being expelled, air conditioning becomes more effective requiring less energy consumption which directly reduces the cost.

The running cost comes to approximately 1 cent per hour which is much less than what you might have had to pay for the air conditioning to cool that place for one hour. The difference between a normal rotating roof system and a motorized rotating roof system for the purpose of ventilation is that a normal rotating roof system requires a breeze of at least 16kph while the motorized rotating roof system requires only electricity. Both the systems are eco friendly as no gases are emitted. The design developed by engineers at Skydome is pleasing to the eye very unobtrusive that is installed on the roof.

There is an extra provision of a ceiling which is used as an exhaust for hot air to go out. It can be closed during the winters for conserving the heat inside. There are many new innovative designs both motorized and normal rotating roof system that help in ventilation and reducing the need for cooling systems like air conditioning.

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