RV Roof Repair Step-By-Step Guide

Your RV roof has a leak, but do not worry because it's fast and simple to repair. You should repair it as soon as you can, because the damage could worsen and possibly grow mold the more time goes by.

RV Roof Repair Step-BY-Step Guide: Did you buy your camper new? You may have warranty coverage on you roof!

What's Needed: All-purpose cleaner, Scotch Brite pad, heavy duty scissors and a roll of EternaBond.

In general I would avoid any caulking or tar products. The seals do not last as long and they're really hard to remove once applied.

Step # 1: Find the water's point of entry on the roof. The point of entry is probably above the leak in the ceiling of the RV. Search small holes in the roof. If there are no holes, the water is probably entering through a seam. If you're still do not know how the water is into the RV, hose down the roof with a garden hose, while you have a friend inside the RV looking at the ceiling for water coming through. Attempt to get the water to pool above the suspected leak are and look for air bubbles. Applying soap on the area will assist in making air bubbles more prevalent.

Step # 2: Get rid of any debris and clean the spot that requires fixing very well with an all purpose cleaner and scotch brite pad. Then rinse off and let it dry.

Step # 3: Roll out a section of EternaBond (Three more inches on both sides of the damaged spot). Line up the EternaBond over the damaged area, fold back the end and peel back the plastic on the underside, apply pressure and rub the top of the EnernaBond to get the adhesive going. If the damaged spot wider than the width of the EnernaBond tape, you can use an additional piece. The EnernaBond adhesive is designed to stick to its self, so overlap as many pieces as needed.

Congratulations, you have successfully repaired your RV roof!

If you want to prevent RV roof leaks in the future:

  • Do not get on your roof unless you need too. Hanging out on the roof of the RV is a great time, but it quickly deteriorates the life span of the RV's roof.

  • Give your roof a good cleaning at least twice a year. Chalk, grime and salt can build up and deteriorate your RV's roof if you do not clean it regularly. The list RV roof cleaning products out there is endless, but a small amount of bleach or all purpose cleaner mixed well with water will work great.

– Re-coat the RV roof every two years. There are a few products for re-coating your RV's roof. Many will products recommend to re-coat every year, but it's not necessary, every two years is perfectly fine. A great affordable option is Camco RV Pro-Tec Rubber Roof Care System.

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