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Save and Make Green – Money, Health and the Environment

We all want to save money, Right? Right! Save money, in your home, work place and any public building; This article deals with the structure or fixed elements.

Renovations or updates

– use re-cycled materials , if you hire a contractor insist and confirm only environmentally materials are used – processes, disposal, delivery, packaging, removal of old materials, non-toxic, safe and multi-functional if possible. Instead of having wall lights operated by one switch, have individual on / off switches, many wall lights already have this feature. Instead of leaving lights on in a room, even where small children play, have a occupancy sensor switch installed, on a vacancy timer. Motion sensors are great for outdoors, but not practical for indoors (watching TV, reading, studying, etc). Money saved over time.

Hot water tanks are becoming obsolesette , as we know them, the replacement is much more 'convenient', individual instant hot water heaters in each room with a water supply are more environmental, they only heat that you use, no need to use energy – gas, electricity, oil – which we have to pay for, just to keep the water warm for hours, days or weeks at a time, no long distances to travel – extra insulated pipes, no wasted water – turning on the faucet and waiting for the water to get warm. The initial cost of installation of these instant water heaters is less than the cost of a new / old hot water tank installed in the basement. Money saved now and in the future.

Talking of energy costs , solar panels are becoming less expensive to buy and install, if you have a south facing property or even a north facing property, the south side of the roof can be used for the panels. Apart from making your own 'free' energy if you also use energy efficient appliances and equipment, you are way ahead of the game. An extra benefit of having the solar panels installed, the roofs longevity will be increased, due to the actual roofing materials not being damaged from the direct weather extremes – sun, wind, storms, blizzards. If you also have a few acres of land that is not used, too rocky or barren was nothing will grow or is not usable for any other reason, you could rent out the space to energy suppliers in your State or Province to install solar panels, and feed the 'grid'. Making money from something you thought was a waste of space. Money saved now, and making money well into the future.

I would encourage you to research the products and the manufacturer, and ask yourself these questions;

1) Is the manufacturer REALLY environmental or is this just their marketing? Do they make or sell other products that actually can cause damage to the environment, and our health. Remember that company – added 2 liters of water to their 3 liters bottle of bleach. What are the instruction for use – are there any health warnings?

2) What do you do with the packaging? Is it recyclable? Into garbage and landfill? Excessive packaging? Any alternative, can you use something you already have in your kitchen or bathroom?

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