Save Money With Solar Power Roof Vents

Moving fresh air through an attic is a significant part of keeping a home mold free and smelling fresh. There are many ways to accomplish the air movement. the most common is a heat activate roof vent. When the attic reaches a certain temperature the roof vents turn on and ventilate the attic. The only drawback to this system is that it requires power lines to be turn up to the attic and will increase your energy bill at the as well. Another great option is installing solar power roof vents. Solar power roof vents are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and require no wiring form the homes electrical system.

Solar power roof vents work exactly the same as the normal electric models and will move as much air. Opponents to solar vents claim that they will not work as well on cloudy days, but the temperature in our attic will more then likely be cooler on those days requiring less work from the fans. Another negative of solar power roof vents is the cost, they do cost considerably more then a standard electric roof vent but the energy savings will pay for them quickly in time. Plus with solar power roof vents you will eliminate the need for an expensive electrician to run the power wiring to the units.

When you purchase your roof vents you will need to know your homes square footage and get a properly sized unit. The average solar power roof vents will move around 800 cubic feet per minute and each geographical area will have different requirements based on climate. Your local solar dealer should be able to help you choose the right unit for your home.

Even with the higher initial cost solar power roof vents will save you money and energy in the long run. Just make sure to follow the manufactures installation instructions and buy a properly sized unit for your home.

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