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Save Your Commercial Roof From Costly Damage and Repairs!

Commercial building roof repair or replacement is one of the most expensive steps that every business owner could potentially face. These structural improvements are very important because the top of the structure plays an important role in public identification of the type of business located within the building. Frequently, the external appearance of the structure holding the business is what appeals to potential customers or clients.

So as important as this building element is, it is also true that an astute business owner still wants to reduce the repair cost of their commercial roofing. Following are some points that can be used to less the overall cost of such restoration work.

Routine Maintenance

Consider the fact that contractors are not always available to fix a roof; however, that same company is always capable of establishing a regular maintenance schedule to periodically check for leaks or other evidence of problems that could lead to future costs repairs. These contractors are professionals who can detect the first signs of any problems, such as: brown spots developing on office ceilings; cracking paint in similar areas; and any other indications that the roof may have a potential problem. There are many instances when a leak is discovered at an early stage and can be easily corrected.

Minimizing Damage

There are times that the services of a contractor may be delayed because they have jobs for other customers and are not immediately available. Following are a list of what business owners can do to minimize the damage caused by a leak:

  • Direct the Flow – If there is a stream of water leaking from the ceiling, take a string and attach it to the ceiling where the leak is and then place the string in a bucket on the floor. This helps keep the stream steady and contained so that it will go directly into the bucket and not cause damage to other things in the immediate vicinity of the leak.
  • Put Hole In Ceiling – If the stream and the leak are more serious especially due to storm damage, drill a hole in the ceiling and place a large container under that hole. By doing this, it will allow water to freely pass through the hole and relate the ceiling from holding too much water which could cause it to collapse completely.
  • Inspect the Roof – During the day, go outside with binoculars and try to find the cause of the leak. For safety reasons, be extremely cautious when going onto the roof when inspecting and / or working on it. Check for any leaves and other debris that may be impeding the normal downward flow of the water and remove the debris. Ice dams may have formed in and above the gutters that can cause water to leak through the roofing materials; remove the ice dams if it is possible to do so safely.
  • Check Other Roof Outlet Areas – Inspect other possible causes of leaks including any of the various outlets that project through the roof. The flashing in the area of ​​these openings may be broken and temporary repairs may be able to be accomplished to minimize damage until a roofer can handle permanent restoration.
  • Simple Fixes Only – Do not ever attempt a repair that requires a professional to complete. Incorrect patches could lead to more problems and instead of saving money, the damage could have worsened and create more problems instead of fixing any.

Damage to a roof can be upsetting, especially when it costs so much for repair or even worse, replacement. Whenever the results of any damage are detected, call a professional contractor to handle any necessary restoration work. Better yet, set up a routine maintenance schedule to handle roofing issues before they become costly repair problems!

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