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Savings With Solar Tube Skylights

Also known as tubular skylights, these devices are used to light a room with natural sunlight. You may also see these devices referred to as solar pipes, or light tubes, but officially, they're known as the solar tube skylights.

A basic solar tube skylight consistants of four primary components …

o Dome

o Flashing

o Tube

o Diffuser

Sunlight enters the device through the dome. The light is transported through a highly reflective tube to an inside room of your home. But before it enters your room, it is scattered through a diffuser to create a soft light effect. The flashing is between the dome and the roof to keep water from leaking into your place.

A Solar tube skylights differs from a traditional skylight in several ways …

o Entering sunlight is diffused – no heavy, direct sunlight

o Since the light is diffused, it provides for uniform lighting throughout the room

o Low summer heat gain

o Low winter heat loss

o Quick and easy installation – only 2 to 4 hours needed

o No view of the sky

A Solar tube skylight offers homeowners looking for daylighting solutions a lot of flexibility. For rooms that do not have direct access to windows or the roof, a tubular daylight device is yourbest solution for bringing in natural light. Adjustable tubing and angle adapters allow the Solar tube skylight to be efficiently routed to these interior rooms.

They are also great for smaller rooms where a traditional skylight may not be appropriate. Due to their compact size, they are an easy fit for these smaller rooms.

They can be applied in several kinds of places

o Offices

o Warehouses

o School Portables

o Retail Stores.

o Grocery Stores

o Auto Dealerships

o Restrooms

o Mfg. Facilities

o Industrial Plants

o Club Houses

o Farm Buildings

o Assisted Living

o School Hallways

o Class Rooms Sun

o Residential

There are also several great options you can include with your Solar tube skylights

o Dimmers can be used to adjust the amount of natural light entering your room

o Ventilating System fan

o Mixed electrical light for night-time lighting

All of this can be provided by a single ceiling fixture! On top of that, designer trim and diffusers are also available for some models.

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