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Selecting a Roofing Slate

You are planning to get your roof built or redone, and then you may have confused regarding the selection of roofing slates. There are many types of roofing slate materials available and you my select either man made roofing slate or natural roofing slate like that of stone.

However, roofing slate made of natural stone is very heavy and very expensive too. They make a heavy material for roofing slate. The kind of roofing slate that is available for you and you may use depends on large expand on the area where you live. These materials also need high degree of skill and a lot of structural reinforcing before you can install them. This is primarily due to the fact that they are so heavy. Here you must consider these factors before settling for them.

On the other hand, men made artificial roofing slate are much cheaper and lighter. They closely resemble the original natural stone slates and thus these are positive characteristics make the man made roofing slate the most preferred choice for home builders for roofing slate. Roofing slates are available in a wide range of materials, colors, sizes and shapes. All these characteristics make man made roofing slates a favorite of builders and house owners alike.

Roofing Slate

If you have set your heart to install real stone roofing slate in spite of the expenses involved then you may definitely opt for it because they are after all extremely durable and elegant. In spite of being very heavy and stylish, many people have a fancy for these stones. If you want an expensive look to your house and are looking for a high end look to your house you may consider installing natural stones.

However you may have to limit your choices to the color of the roofing slate available in your locality or you may consider getting the color of your choice from the area they are found, although the shipping costs may turn out to be quite high. Do keep in mind that you should always get these natural roof slates installed by an experienced craftsman. It is not something that an inexperienced or an amateur person can do. For proper installation and prevention of any leak, and to make it strong, sturdy and durable, it is essential that you get it done by a professional who can properly install and handle the expensive stones. An amateur may ruin the stones or may not be able to install them properly, so spoiling the look of the house.

Man made roof slates are very popular choice as roofing material. The man made roofing slate may be made of fiber, cement or may be molded from a combination of resin, glass fiber and slate dust. There are many advantages of using man made roofing slate. The most appropriate advantage is the cost factor. These slates are much cheaper than the natural slates. It is not that man made roofing slate are the cheapest of all the varieties available, they are still costlier than other varieties available but if you want to get the look of natural slates without spending a fortune on them then these slates are the best option .. Another positive factor about these roofing slates is that they are available in a wide range of shapes colors and textures. You do not have to limit your choice to the native colors available in your area but you may choose any style and color that you fancy.
Here before you decide upon the roofing slate for your house, do keep these factors in mind and select accordingly.

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