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Shingle Prices – You Get What You Pay For!

There are many factors to consider when gathering the information on costs for repairing a roof or for roofing in new construction. Shingle prices are one aspect to consider. However, there are other materials and labor costs associated with the processes involved in providing a quality result.

The homeowner should consider the labor involved in correctly preparing the area for new roofing components. This can be quite extensive if the new roof is needed as a result of recent storm damage or any type of long-term damage. Once the amount of necessary repairs has been assessed, you will then have to choose the type of shingles for the process.

There are many types of shingles with varying styles, textures, colors and compositions. Depending on your tastes and budget you may want to pursue different options. The most common and most affordable are the standard asphalt shingle. Be aware that not all these offers are of the same quality. When considering the shingle prices for asphalt you will get what you pay for.

The prices for these types will generally indicate the quality of what is in the bundle. Another similar option is the "improved" laminate shingle, which share a lot of characteristics with the standard asphalt while having improved performance and durability. These are priced a bit higher.

As you browse shingle prices you will notice a jump in the costs for the next option – metal shingles. With a current average cost of $ 350 to $ 650 per square – which translates into 100 square feet in roofer's terms – it is initially a much larger investment than asphalt.

This does not include the underlayment, prep work or the installation. You should, however, consider the added length of life for these types of roofs. Asphalt life rates 15 to 30 years, and metal will easily last over 50 years.

The longest lying roofing material to date is a slate tile. These are considered 100-year roofs, and have lived up to the name. These shingles come in natural stone and composite materials. The natural stone option is the most expensive material on the market, and the composite can be bought at much more budget friendly shingle prices.

You should do some local comparisons in your area, because the prices have a great range depending on your location. There are many very attractive and reasonably priced alternatives in the roofing industry as the technology continues to improve. Do your research before discussing the options with your contractor …