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Silicone Coatings for Flat Roofs

People often ask how silicone differs from conventional roofing materials. It may look and feel similar to some plastics, but it is a fundamentally different material with many unique and desirable characteristics.

Silicone is a man-made material based on the element silicon. Chemists and industrialists have been developing and exploring the many properties and applications of silicone for over 80 years. There are numerous forms of silicone including gels, oils, greases, adhesives, sealants and rubber. We will focus on silicone rubber, a polymer, and one of the most popular forms of silicone.

Let's examine some of the qualities of silicone rubber:

– remains flexible from -200 degrees F to over 600 degrees F

– high elasticity (rebounds to its original shape)

– waterproof

– good electrical insulator

– unaffected by weather conditions

– does not break down when exposed to ozone or ultra-violet

– tasteless and odorless

– non-toxic

– does not support microbial growth

– low interaction with other chemicals

– can be fabricated to almost any shape, size, or flexibility

– inexpensive

All of these properties are beneficial to roof top applications, but none is present in conventional roofing materials. We offer a silicone rubber coating that polymerizes in place and completely waterproofs and protects the roof for decades. This is simply not possible with tar-based or plastic materials.

Some common applications of silicone polymers:

– window seals

– solar panels

– aquaria

– processor chips

– space craft

– moon boots

– engine seals

– spark plugs

– gaskets

– medical tubing

– surgical implants

– dental adhesives

– bakeware

– oven mitts

– construction caulks

– high-tech paints

– architectural coatings

– insulators

– toys

– baby bottle nipples

– shock-resistant cases

– food and product packaging

– dry cleaning

– shock absorbers

– elastic bands

– synthetic rubber

– foam

Silicone rubber is almost everywhere we look. (A silicone gasket frames the screen and silicone protects the processor components in the laptop on which I am writing this article). Silicone's exceptional properties make it the best material for critical and demanding applications and it's low cost means it can be employed to benefit more mundane ones too. It is the ideal material for so many applications, it is no wonder it's uses and forms continue to grow so quickly.

Almost any flat or low-pitch roof can be sealed, even those in poor condition. There is no need for tear-off.

Silicone coatings can be applied to most roof sub-straits including EPDM, asphalt, tar & gravel, metal and foam. The coating can be tinted with inorganic pigments and toped with various materials for traction and esthetic appeal.

The application process is clean, fast and often odorless so you can carry on with business while the silicone is applied.

For more information, applications, features and benefits, see https://www.silcoat.com .

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