Simple Flat Roof Leak

A flat roof is more prone to leaks due to the fact that the roof has no pitch for snow and other debris to slide off, so it remains on the roof until we remove it. This can cause an array of damage, including snow and ice damage, holes from debris, heavy weight causing structure damage and more. Flat roofs should be inspected several times each year in order to detect any damage or possible problems even before they arise.

Roof Safety.

When doing any work, or inspections on the roof, use a strong ladder that is properly secured. Avoid walking on the roof, which can be very dangerous. This is especially true if it is raining or if the roof is already wet from a previous storm. Use binoculars to help spot the leak if you need them.

Detecting A Simple Flat Roof Leak.

Because of their design, flat roofs are generally difficult to inspect when it comes to leaks. But, there are several distinct signs to look for, which can help you to locate the problem as quickly as possible. When searching for a leak, check the area around the flashing, the chimney or other vents. When checking the flashing, look for cracks and check overlaps. Also be on the lookout for any exposed nail heads or other signs of damage. Watch for dark spots or water puddles on the roof, which may indicate sagging and water weight. If you can locate the seams of your roofing material, check for holes or cracks.

Repairing A Simple Flat Roof Leak.

If you find an exposed nail head, that's easily fixed with a hammer. Drive the nail into the roof's structure, but not too far or it may become overdrawn. You want the nail head to be even with the top of the roof. If you find a problem that can be repaired with roofing cement, use it. Even if this is just a temporary solution to fixing the leak, it will buy you some time until you can hire a professional roofing contractor.

When To Seek A Professional.

Minor repairs may be handled by the homeowner in some cases. Normally, however, it is recommended that you call a professional roofing contractor even if it's just a simple flat roof leak. If you do not know exactly what to look for, or where to find it, further damage could have been incurred during repeated attempts to locate the leak. A professional roofing contractor is skilled in the art of repair and will be able to fix your roof properly.

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