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Slate Roof Shingles Offer the Best Insulation and a Rich Loo…

Reroofing your house? It might be high time for you to seriously consider getting a roofing material that will provide optimum insulation for your house.

The world is getting hotter and hotter. That is not just a tree-hugger propaganda. It is a fact. The world is now 0.5 degrees centigrade warmer than a century ago. It is not such a surprise that we are getting such intense summer these days. You may not have thought about it, but the intense summer heat may have been affecting you financially.

You may have noticed that your summer power bills has been spiking up. That might be because you use air-conditioning more often during the hot days. Studies show that 60-70 percent of a household monthly power bill during summer months come from use of air-conditioners.

Most households are built with materials that are not good insulators. When talking about providing good insulation for a house, one of the things that would need to be considered is the roofing material. The roof helps in insulating a house. If you have a roof made of poor insulating material, then chances are you will be spending more money on your power bill compared to homeowners with roof shingles that are efficient insulators.

When it comes to providing optimum insulation to your house, slate roof shingles are, perhaps, the best choice. Stop heavy use of the air conditioner and heating system during summer and winter with slate roof shingles and lower the cost of your electricity.

Other Advantages of Having Slate Roof Shingles


Durability is a top concern when a homeowner buys a roofing material. Would the roof shingle last long? Would it provide maximum protection for my home for many years? These are questions that slate roof shingles can definitely answer.

Because of its very low water absorption index (0.4 %), slate is a top rate roofing material. Damage due to extreme frost and breakage caused by freezing temperatures are problems that ordinary roof shingles encounter. Because of its low water absorption index, slate roofing shingles would not suffer from the either frost damage or breakage due to cold weather.

Most roofing shingles are also damaged by strong winds and sudden hailstorms. You do not have to worry about those with slate roof shingles. If there is a roofing material that is nearly invincible from the elements, then that would be singles made from slate. 20, 30, and 40 years are the normal lifespan of some roofing materials. Slate roofing shingles, though, have a lifespan that is pretty much longer. A roof made of slate shingles can last well over a hundred years.


The well-being of every person in a household is the top concern of all responsible homeowners. As much as possible, all of us would like to have fire-proof building materials for our house. Most domestic fire accidents originate in the interior, but there are times when fires begin outside, especially on the roof. To ensure the safety of your family, it is best to get a fire-proof roofing material like slate roof shingles.

Attractive Look:

With the unique texture that can only be comes with slate, any house with a slate roof would be an attention-grabbing wonder. With slate roofing shingles, your house will definitely be the envy of your neighbors and officemates.

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