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Solar Attic Fan

Attics are an important part of the house and therefore need to be kept clean and cool as a warm and moist attic can make the entire house warm. Therefore venting of the attic is extremely important and attic fans are very useful for the purpose.

Venting of the attic in the proper manner extends the material life and keeps the attic cool. This in turn reduces load on the air conditioning system of the house. Circulation of fresh air is increased and vapor generated by daily activities is reduced significantly.

Moisture that remains trapped in the attic is very harmful not only for the attic but the entire house. It leads to the build up of mold and bacteria which can hamper the freshness of the air. This can lead to respiratory disorders. Therefore attic venting is an important aspect that must be taken care of.

Solar attic fans are the best solution for the venting of the attic. Using the solar power entirely, these solar fans provide worry and maintenance free cooling of the attics. Maintaining the circulation of fresh air, these solar fans are available on amazon.com. There are many models of the solar attic fans on offer and each has its own unique features and benefits.

Some of the features of the solar attic fans as provided by amazon.com are:

• As the name implies, these solar attic fans are entirely powered by the sun
• The fans reduce the heat and warmth from the attics, so in turn keeping the entire house cool. This further reduces the load on the air conditioners leading to savings on electricity bills.
• Environment friendly products
• Maintenance free
• Cooling at no cost since sun powers the fans

Uses of the solar attic fans:

During summer months: the attic temperatures during the summer months can rise dramatically leading to the entire house being hot and humid. Passive roof vents are not able to dissipate the heat adequately. So solar attic fans are the right product for such conditions.

During winter months: during the winter months when ice settles on the roof, the air trapped in the attics cause it to melt and trickle down. When the ice reaches the cooler eaves it again freezes, leading to ice damming which is not only costly but destructive too. Therefore fans for the attic are helpful in maintaining a warm temperature during the winter months.

During normal weather conditions: besides the extreme weather conditions, temperatures in the attic usually remain high as the daily chores like cooking and showering produce vapor which if not dissipated correctly can lead to moisture remaining in the attic. This can lead to rotting of the wood and rusting of the iron. Therefore fans in the attic are helpful in maintaining fresh air and preventing such problems

Amazon.com has a wide variety of such solar attic fans and one can choose from the model and make as required. You can easily find fans for more than 20% off that will be shipped right to your door.

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