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Solar – How to Build Your House For Solar

Solar is not in the future. Solar is now. If you are planning to build, design your home for solar. If you prepare for solar, your investment will pay off. Here are some tips to help you plan.

First, what direction will your house face? If your house does not face south, does a side of the house, or a garage face south? The solar panels must face south.

Second, your windows and doors should be energy efficient. Double insulated windows help keep the heat out and the cool in.

Third, your house should be insulated with foam. I do not believe in sealing the attic because then you will need to pump fresh air in for your air conditioner. But I do believe in foaming the rafters and exterior walls. In an old house, they did not design the roof to ventilate the heat out. I recommend foam. If you can not do that, then place 4 'by 8' foam sheets across your rafters. Keeping the heat out is the best way to keep the cool in.

Next, buy appliances for your home that are energy efficient. Some things we can not do without, like a refrigerator. But you can buy an efficient one. When buying an oven, purchase a convection oven. It uses less electricity. Get a gas water heater. If you do not have gas, get a solar water heater with electric back up. Your fixtures should all be energy efficient. If they are older fixtures, then change them out.

Also, you want your air conditioner to be efficient, not big. It is recommended 800 square feet per ton, depending on ceilings and windows space. Do not over (air) condition or buy larger thinking you will get more cool air. It does not work like that.

If you have a raised house, insulate underneath, as much insurance as possible. There are experts that will come to your home to see how much leakage you have in your home through your windows & doors to see loss of heat and air conditioner. They put a blower in one of your windows and use smoke to see leaks.

These tips will help you get started designing and getting ready for solar. The more efficient you become, the less solar you have to buy.

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