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Solar Power Roof Vents to Save Money

An attic should be so designed that fresh air should continue move through it. This is important to ensure that the mold does not grow and the home emanates fresh smell. This movement of air can be achieved in various ways, with the heat-activated roof vent being the most common one. After the temperature in the attic increases to a certain degree, the roof vents are activated and air the attic. The only disadvantage of this system is that it needs power lines to be switched on in the attic, thereby inflating our electricity bills too. However there is another excellent option of solar power roof vents available. These roof vents are highly energy-efficient, environment-friendly and do not need any electrical wiring.

Solar power roof vents function along the same lines as the regular electric models and circulate as much air as possible. Opponents of solar vents state that these vents do not function properly on cloudy days, but the internal temperature of the attic will also be cooler on those days, thus reducing the workload of the fans. Cost is another drawback of solar power roof vents, as they are costlier than regular electric roof vents. But you can offset these high prices by the energy savings made from these vents. Beside there is no need to pay for expensive electrician services to install these solar power roof vents.

While buying roof vents, you should be aware of the square foot area of ​​your home in order to select the unit of appropriate size. The general solar power roof vents travel about 800 cubic feet per minute and every location will have its own unique requirements depending on the climate. Your local solar dealer can advise you on selecting the appropriate model for your home.

Despite the higher initial cost, solar power roof vents can help in saving the money and energy over a period of time. But always follow the manufacturer's directions for installations and opt for a correctly-sized model for your home.

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