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Solar Shingles – Save the Earth, Build Curb Appeal

Solar shingleles are an ideal way to lower your carbon footprint, lower your electric bills, and maintain a normal appearance for your home. These energy-producing shingles are actually smaller small photovoltaic cells, or PV cells, designed to mimic normal asphalt shingles. Most homeowners will appreciate the idea of ​​solar panels which will not make your home look like a spaceship or wreck your roof deck. Solar shingles can be mixed with normal shingles, or completely replace them. The obvious advantage to using this typeof product is that you could cut your energy consumption without permanently scarring your roof.

What Solar Shingles Can Do

Solar shingle consist of asphalt shingles which have PV cells laminated to the surface. They are most often fashioned into long strips instead of 3-tab shingles, which makes installation much quicker and easier. When sunlight shines on the semiconductor in the PV cell, energy is generated. The solar-generated energy then travels through wires which run through the roof and are connected to the home's electrical system. In most cases, residential solar energy systems are engineered to interface with existing power lines as well, so the homeowners are able to use power from their local electric provider when necessary.

The Cost of Solar Shingles

Sometimes new technologies have "hidden costs", which surface only after you purchase the new equipment. Maintaining, upgrading and accessorizing your new stereo or computer can often cost as much as the unit itself. Green technology, in contrast, often has "hidden savings", which only became noticeable after the equipment begins working. In the case of these shingles, the initial expense can seem quite high, with both the cost of materials and the installation. A dedicated and patient do-it-yourselfer could conceivably install the shingles, but an electrician is really required to wire the system into your home. Once the installation is complete, you will begin saving real money on your electric bills. Moreover, if you live in states such as California or Arizona, you could sell your unused energy back to your local provider. Now, how many home improvement projects actually allow you to generate and sell energy? Keeping that in mind, it's worth balancing the cost of solar shingles against the expected savings, or possible revenue.

Solar shingle could be an excellent investment in your home, though they're not always a good DIY project. If you would like to conserve money and energy, as well as add to the value of your home, solar shingles just might be worth your time and resources.

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