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Steep Slope Roofing With Asphalt Shingles – Installing Step …

Installing step flashing is one of the most critical and important step before you actually install the shingles on a home. Install the first piece of step flashing over the starter shingle before installing the first course of the exposed shingles. Nail the metal only to the deck, nailing to both the deck and to the sidewall can cause buckles to the shingles and/or cracks due to the structure of movement of the shingles due to the elements.

Make sure to nail twice placing the nails 1″-2″ mm from the top of the roof flashing. Install the shingles over the metal pieces of flashing and make sure they are flush to the wall. Adhere the shingles to the metal step flashing using a quarter-sized dab of plastic cement to fasten the shingle to the flashing.

Properly place the next piece of flashing, this metal should cover the non-exposed top of the shingles. Keep going up the roof using one step flashing piece per shingle to ensure a sealed system. Alternate for large exposure shingle using two over-lapped 7″ step flashing pieces per shingle course on the roof.

I have saw many flashing installation that were not placed to the roof deck right with each succeeded course of shingles. Sloppy cut metal, poor blends with each course that does not hide the metal underneath the shingle. So if you read this please take these methods to heart. they are all in Accordance to ARMA specification guidelines.

Fully cover the each piece flashing, shingles should cover the each stepped piece of metal completely for the best look and to keep the shingles water tight and for waterproofing situations. Cover the piece of with stepped metal flashing with a counter flashing making sure to cover the top of the step flashing on the wall that you are working on a minimum of no more than 2″ maximum.

Always keep in mind that new metal flashing is required on all-weather stopper golden pledge installations unless of course any existing metal stepped flashing is in like new conditions.

You can install step flashing in a number of situations on a home. On a horizontal wall, dormer fronts, wall fronts, and also shed roof wall seams. You can flash whether you are ventilating a home or not having to ventilate a home, depending on whether it needs it or not.

Always make sure that as a homeowner the installer is abiding by all local building codes and properly installing the flashing. Your most prized investment depends on if you check out the contractor that you hire to do the project.

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