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Thatch Roofing – Get the Facts

Because thatch makes such a perfect roofing material, it has never been completely replaced by more conventional roofing materials such as composition shingle. However; before you go online and order up a load of thatch to be delivered to your home there are a few important related items that you may like to consider.

A Local Source for Thatch Roofing Grass

To begin with, having native grass available from a local source is one of the factors that have contributed to the popularity of that roofing. What this means, is that if you are living in New York City be prepared to spend top dollar for your natural thatch roofing.

A Specialized Craft

Another thing to consider, is that the actual application of that roofing is a specialized craft. Sure, your local roofing contractor will tell you he can do it but once again it is going to cost you top dollar. Plus the contractor will have to do some extensive research to learn how to apply it.

A Labor Intensive Installation Process

In far flung places where the thatched roof look originally caught hold and became popular labor is reliably cheap. With the actual application of thatched roofing being such a labor intensive process this is something that must be considered.

A Reasonable Alternative

If you have a beach house or a tiki hut that you would like to have covered with thatched roofing, your best would be one of the synthetic thatch shingles that are on the market. Before you get all hung up on the fact that it is synthetic fiber, stop and take a deep breath.

Make it Easy on Yourself

First of all, it looks just fine and absolutely no one will notice that its not real grass. Secondly, it has a much longer life span than natural that roofing and is also more fire proof. Thirdly, any contractor can install them in the same manor that any other shingle roof is installed.

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