The Cost to Build a Roof

Skyrocketing building and materials prices are no doubt having a negative effect on the cost to repair your roof. As the sub prime crisis balloons into a mushroom cloud over the Western economies, costs are taking a beating. Your roof is the first thing to separate you from the elements and prices are going northward. For now, the cost to re-roof an average house can go from an average of $ 11,000 dollars up to a high cost of $ 25,000. The quality and type of materials used will make the price fluctuate up or down. The metal roof looks to be the most economic and can cost around $ 5,100 dollars to a high of $ 22,000 dollars. This is for a one story, ranch style house. If you use copper runs, the cost will jump up to a high of $ 39,600.

For a roof that will not be totally replaced, but only areas repaired, costs will be similar per square foot. Insurance may pay for some of this but if not, expect the prices to be higher than in the past. The metal roof may again, cost less than the traditional shingle roof. It will definitely cost less than a tile or slate roof. A one story house with a two car garage in Houston Texas with a metal roof roof can be covered completely with $ 11,100 dollars. You can divide that price by the area that is needing attention and come up with your own figure.

If you happen to hire a roof repair company that does not carry liability insurance and one of their workers falls from your house or per annum does damage to the neighbor's house or yard, you can be held liable. If this happens, you will see the dark side of repair costs and no doubt have a huge bill to pay.

If you are concerned about the rising cost of everything, including roof repair cost, it is time to remember the old saying; "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Keep track of the condition of your roof and your costs will absolutely be lower.

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