The Fundamentals of Roof Construction

You can not say that fine roof construction means laying of shingles in a particular way so that there are no leaks. It is not so. Good roof construction means much more than that. It is something more than preventing and fixing leaks. The underlying structure is important for a good roof because it makes the roof strong and durable and how strong your roof is going to be depends on this factor. This is more important than the roofing material you use on your roof.

The stability of the roof also affects the stability of the house. It becomes all the more important if you live in a place which is intolerable to extreme weather conditions like heavy rainfall, strong winds and even hurricane. It is obvious that you need a sturdy roof which can sustain all these onslaught of nature. It is vital to have a strong structure and strong support for your roof in these cases and you must pay attention to these details while you are going to have your roof constructed.

For proper roof construction you must start with stable and strong trusses. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a very good notification to try building the trusses right from the beginning. On the contrary, most of the builders who are specialists in their fields depend solely on the special trusses manufactured by the specialty truss manufacturers; the trusses are available pre built at the manufacturer's site and are ready for installation. This enables you to place the basic outline of the roof in one day or may be even less time. It is really fast and convenient. Once you have placed and secured the trusses the next important step is to frame then and connect then to each other. You need a solid framing so that you may form a sturdy, strong structure for the sheet that you will be applying as the first underlayment for the roof.

Roof Construction

Once you have erected the underlining strong and sturdy roof construction you can be more flexible when you are choosing your roofing materials. Typically, plywood sheets are used as the basic underlayment in roof construction. However if you are planning to use heavy materials like tiles or slate for your roof then you can not use bamboo but you will need something stronger and of a higher grade too as your underlayment. You may also need additional structural support and framing in the trusses to support the heavier roofing materials while you are doing roof construction. You should discuss this matter thoroughly with your roofing contractor before you embark and start installation, or remodeling of the roof.

After you have built a strong and sturdy underlayment, the next step in roof construction is to concentrate on the water proofing of the roof. It is unduly the most important aspect of a good roof construction. You must lay water proofing layers on the underlying structure. Usually felt or tar paper is used for covering the plywood underlayment. It is not that you just have to spread them; you have to fasten them securely with significant overlaps so that there is no water seepage. The next step and the final step towards your attractive and long lasting roof construction is flashing, followed by shingles and last of all the sealants.

Last but not the least, whenever you are going to have your house or roof rebuilt or remodeled and especially if there is roof construction involved in it, you must keep a close watch on the progress that the contractor is making and the materials that he is using in roof construction. Your personal supervision will ensure that you get the roof and the house that you want and have spent for.

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