The Residential Green Roof I Did is Totally Awesome!

I live in one of those flat-roof homes in Southern California that was built in the thirties; you've seen them in downtown Los Angeles. I totally love my home, but I never really cared for the fact that I had no yard to speak of, until I put up a residential green roof. Now I have got this really sweet spot on the roof that I can have little house parties and grill. If you think that a residential roof sounds cool, wait till you hear how much I saved on my taxes after I did it.

That's right; I ended up getting huge tax credits from the Federal Government because I remodeled my home with a residential green roof. Now, I not only have this fabulous space to soak up the Southern California sun, but I saved thousands on my taxes. With all of the utility-saving the residential roof is giving me, the whole job has just about paid for itself.

With all of the great advantages to having a residential green roof, most of my neighbors are completely jealous. Many of them are starting to design a green roof for their home, and before you know it everyone on my block will end up having one. I can not blame them, especially because of the added appraisal value the roof fence me on my home.

If you think you might want to talk to a roofing contractor about a residential green roof you should consider a few things first. Make sure you find a roofing contractor that has done a residential green roof before. It should not be that hard to find one in Southern California. I ended up finding three, which is good because the State of California advises that homeowners get at least three roofing estimates from three different roofing contractors.

The State of California also recommended that homeowners get at least three references for each roofing contractor, and go look at the other work that they have done. I might not have picked the least expensive roofing contractor to do my roof, but I definitely feel like I got the best one for me.

After I picked which roofing contractor to go with I met up with them and signed a contract so they could get the job done. I was so excited that I almost forgot that the State's website regarding what to look for in a roofing contractor said that I should never pay more than ten percent of the total cost of the job as a deposit. That was fine because that was all they asked for and they never asked for more until they were done with the job.

I could not be more satisfied with my green roof and the roofing contractor I got to do the job. So if you are looking for someone to do a residential green roof for you then I suggest you do some research, because there are some really good roofing contractors in Southern California and some of them can design a really beautiful residential green roof.

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