The Truth About Solar Panels

Solar panels are far more popular than they once were, but they still only account for a tiny proportion of the world's energy production. When you consider that they really do not cause any environmental damage and can ever provide households with free energy, it seems strange that more homeowners are not considering solar panel installation. One reason could be because many of us are not really sure of the facts surrounding this relatively new technology, so if you'd like to know more about these amazing feats of engineering and get free energy for your home then read on.

Solar PV Panels and Sunshine

Many people are often reluctant to install solar PV panels due to the unreliable weather, but it's daylight, rather than sunshine which the panels need in order to produce energy. Although solar panels tend to perform better with sunshine, they can collect and store energy in all types of weather, provide daylight is present.

The National Grid

Installing solar panels will not mean you're no longer connected to the national grid. Initially, the energy your panels create will be supplemented by your energy company, but your bills will still be significantly reduced. Over time, it is possible to start producing all the energy you need and even selling the excess back to your energy company.

Completely Free Energy

Once you've paid for the initial installation of your panels, any energy they create is 100% free. Post installation, the only time you'll ever need to spend money on your panels is for maintenance, but as they're very efficient, you will not need to do that often. There are lots of companies offering expert solar PV panel installation and in most cases, panels can be installed in just a few hours.

Solar Panels and Aesthetics

Whether you dislike the 'look' of solar panels or not is really a matter of taste, but these days they're designed to be very unobtrusive and generally look like skylights. If you're worried about aesthetics then ask yourself which sounds more appealing to you – being able to see your roof tiles on the rare occasions you look up, or getting completely free and clean energy?

Cost and Maintenance

You can get solar panels installed for just a few hundred pounds and offset the costs with a government loan which you pay back in excess energy. In terms of maintenance, there's very little required with high quality solar panels. They do not contain parts that move or can easily break and provided you give them a check-up once in a while maintenance should be minimal.

Solar Panels without a Roof

Although solar PV panels are most effective when fitted to roofs, if it's not possible to do that in your cottage they can also be installed at ground level. For example they can be mounted to exterior walls or in gardens. Alternately, you could use photovoltaic windows.

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